It's gettin' HOT outside and people are starting to reluctantly turn on their A/C in order to beat the heat! But if you don't want your energy bill to go through the roof, here are some energy saving and cooling tips to help keep a few bucks in your pocket according to

  1. Turn up the thermostat
    An optimal setting for improved energy efficiency is at or above 78 degrees. For every degree you turn up the temperature, you could save 2% to 3% on your cooling bill.
  2. Close blinds
    Close blinds, shades and draperies to reflect the sun's heat. Remember that white window coverings reflect sunlight, and dark coverings will absorb the heat.
  3. Turn off unused fans
    Turn off the ceiling fan when not in the room. Ceiling fans cool people—not rooms. If the room is unoccupied, turn off the ceiling fan to save energy.
  4. Set fans to counter-clockwise
    Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. By changing the direction to counter-clockwise in the summer, the fan will circulate the cool air
  5. Minimize appliance use
    Minimize the use of ovens, stoves, dryers and other major appliances on very hot days. Their usage could require the air conditioner to run longer.

Just a few tips to help you survive the summer without breaking the bank! If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comment box below.



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