The owners of McDonald's locations here in the Tri-State have really stepped up in 2020, when their employees and their community needed them the most. They've delivered food to the brave healthcare professionals on the frontline of the pandemic, they've offered up free food to essential workers, and they've delivered food to their own team members dealing with food insecurities. Those are just a few examples (there are many more) of the impact MdDonald's has had on the Tri-State.

All of those aforementioned efforts were a response to an unusual, unique, and hopefully once-in-a-lifetime situation and pandemic. On Wednesday, November 11th, local McDonald's locations will respond to a much more usual, expected, and welcome occasion - Veterans Day. Anyone who has served our country will have the chance to enjoy some FREE food from McDonald's, and they can choose from three delicious items.

MIKI Co-Op Veterans Day Community Flyer

Local McDonald’s Owner/Operator Larry Lovelace says “We want to honor those who have protected and served this great nation. Our Veterans’ sacrifices and dedication mean more to us than they will ever know. Honoring them with this special offer is just one small way for us to say thanks this Veterans Day.”

This Veterans Day offer is only valid at participating McDonald’s restaurants.

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Tri-State Restaurants Offering Free Food for Vets on Veterans Day

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