If you've been looking for an LGBT prom, here are the details!

Rainbow Flag

This Saturday, the Tri-State Alliance will be hosting their annual Pride Prom. The event will take place at the Holiday Inn on Hwy 41 in Evansville. Here's some details about the event:

" The 17th annual TSA Pride Prom will be held this Saturday, April 14 at 7pm at the Evansville Airport Holiday Inn, 7101 Highway 41 North in Evansville. The event is sponsored by the Tri-State Alliance, the region's lgbtq social service organization.

The event is opened to all, and is a safe dance for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students and couples to attend. The cost is $10 a person. Snacks are provided at 8pm, and the crowning of royalty and a drag show will be at 8pm."

This is a great event and a great opportunity for LGBT youth to embrace who they are in a safe environment

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