It's time for another totally 90s list. This time, we delve into the world of food. Buckle up, and be ready to crave some foods you haven't had in years! Here are 10 totally 90s foods you miss and you don't even know it:

1) Push Pops

Delightful, fruity, and fun, push pops were a staple 90's kid food. Pushing the plunger from the bottom, making your sherbert substance protrude from the top in all it's colorful glory was something short of amazing. Remember the leakage on those things though if you didn't eat them fast enough? That was a total bummer.

Here's a newer version of the classic. Looks like you are wrestling with candy on top now. Sweet.

2) Arch Deluxe

McDonald's introduced the Arch Deluxe sandwich in the mid-90's aimed at adults. It was marketed as the adult sandwich, so naturally, I had to have it. Man, was in delicious. Anyone I have ever talked too about McDonald's food always says they aren't the biggest fan, but still wishes they made the Arch Deluxe. What gives, McDonald's?

3) Dunkaroos

Dunkaroos were simply magic in a tiny plastic container. Little tiny kangaroo cookies on one side, and large compartment of various icing flavors were offered on the other side. Simply pick up your cookie, and dunk in the icing, then eat. Happiness really is that simple.

4) Warheads

The candy of great deliciousness, once you get through the evil layer of intense powdery sour on the outside, fantastic sweet deliciousness awaited to soothe your tongue on the inside. That's almost the perfect metaphor candy for humans! Here's a kid trying a Warhead if you don't believe me:


5) Gushers

This was my personal favorite 90's had to have kids food. Every time my mom took me to the store I begged her for them. They were like fruit snacks, only better on the outside, (because I'm sure they were like 95% corn syrup) and then once you bit into them, this sweet liquid exploded out and gushed into your mouth! That was most definitely 100% corn syrup I'm guessing. And, they were all different colors! Ah, the good old days, when candy was laden with corn syrup, cane sugar, and food dyes.

6) Squeeze-Its

I have a distinct memory of being about eight years old and riding my bicycle to my cousins' neighbors house with them, and he was an elderly man. We would go talk to him, and in return he would give us Squeeze-It's out of his cooler. Looking back, this was probably a very, very bad idea and he may have been a complete creep, but we were eight and we got fSqueeze-Its. Oh, by the way, Squeeze-Its were a fruit flavored drink that came in flexible plastic bottles where you just twisted the cap off and squeezed the bottle so the drink would shoot into your mouth, hence the term 'Squeeze-It'.

7) Ring Pops

Even today, Ring Pops are a candy that is still going strong. Who doesn't want edible bling rings? That's how I like my jewelry, edible and blingy, and my underpants! (I'm kidding, please don't get me fired.)

8) Surge

Surge was what you gave to your child if you either hated yourself or were sending your child to someone else's house and wanted sweet, sweet revenge on that person. Surge was a highly caffeinated, energy soda with a violently green color and a frickin' amazing taste. Actually, I recently saw that they have brought it back. Now that I have acid reflux, I'm terrified of trying it as an adult.

9) Pop Rocks

I'm gonna come out and say it: I hate pop rocks. The idea is so fun to me, and obviously to millions of other people, but I hate the way they feel in my mouth! If you don't like the mouth feel, it just doesn't work. Tons of people love these fizzing and 'popping' little pebble shaped candies! Just not me.

This girl apparently really likes Pop Rocks. Who isn't mezmerized?

10) Lunchables

While technically released in the late 80's, Lunchables were the huge lunch and snack food for kids of the 90's! Lunchables gave the consumer so much variety. Want lunch meat crackers? Lunchable. Pizza? Lunchable. Easy to assemble? Lunchable. Nachos? Lunchable. Lunchables are so versatile, so easy, and so delicious. Oh, who remembers the mom lunchables? Okay, no one? Apparently, moms don't want government cheese, processed meat and crackers with chive cream cheese. Who knew?

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