Sarahah has given everyone an anonymous voice, which means people are getting mean AF!

Earlier this week, I signed up for Sarahah, the latest app fad that allows you to anonymously let people know what you think of them. Most use this as an avenue to safely confess love or affection, but others decide that it's time to throw all the shade with no repercussions. Here are my top 5 favorite mean things said to me!

5: The Classic


I mean, I have to applaud this person for going with the classic insult of douchebag. It's a classic for a reason. I'm also thankful to know that if there was a military for douchebags, I'd be a Major.

4: The Doge Insult Style


I have to give credit, this person really thought outside the box and channeled the style of popular meme Doge to insult me. I was much wow, so insult.

3: The Insult Something I Did


One of the most popular things I've written this year (for better or for worse), was the "10 Commandments of Jimtown," a semi-satirical list of things I had experienced growing up in that area. Alas, someone is not only salty about it, be embarrassed for me for writing it. Regardless of how they felt, they at least read it which is all I really care about.

2: The "You Aren't Funny Insult"


This is always the go-to. This was the most expected of all the insults. I don't claim to be the funniest person in the world and I realize I'm not for everyone. It's totally cool. But hey, at least you feel something when you hear me, which is what I'm going for. Thanks for validating my personality!

1: Gavin Spits on the Common Man


Yep, this is my favorite. I enjoy the idea that someone thinks I'm classist (probably because of the Jimtown blog). Just the thought of me spitting on the common man from my high and mighty tower is an image that is hilarious to me. in all honesty, the common man probably makes more money than I do. As for being an atrocious writer, I'm really disappointed because I thought I was at least a s***ty writer. I guess I have some work to do.


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