If you are ready to treat yourself to a cookie, but you're wondering where to go to get one, you're in luck! We have the Top 5 places in Evansville, Indiana to Grab a Cookie.

Sweet Treats

Look. I enjoy eating well, going to the gym, and lifting weights (see the 10 best gyms in the area based on your votes)... but I also enjoy a delicious ooey, gooey dessert or tasty cookie too. In fact, I have what you might call a bit of a sweet tooth and I am always on the hunt for the perfect cookie.


The Perfect Cookie

Hunting for the perfect cookie can feel a bit like looking for a mythical unicorn. You hope it exists... you just haven't found one yet - Or maybe you have. Maybe you know exactly where to find the most perfect cookie and you are gatekeeping that information so you can keep all of the cookies to yourself.

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Help a Hungry Girl Out

I have a recipe at home for a cookie that I think is pretty close to perfect but I rarely have time to actually bake cookies with my busy schedule. So knowing where to go for the best cookies in the city of Evansville is serious business. I won't hold out on you any longer. Allow me to spill the beans chocolate chips on where to find the best cookies in Evansville.


Best Cookies in Evansville

We put it to a vote, and you have spoken. We took all of the votes and tabulated the Top 5 Best Places in Evansville to Grab a Cookie. Here's the list.

Number 5

Number 5 on our list as we count down the Top 5 Best Places in Evansville to Grab a Cookie is Piece of Cake Bakery. Located in downtown Evansville at 210 Main Street, Piece of Cake serves up cookies, cakes, pies, and more!

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Number 4

Number 4 on the list is Donut Bank. With locations across Evansville, you are never far from a delicious cookie, donut, or cup of coffee.

Donut Bank
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Number 3

Another downtown Evansville favorite comes in at Number 3 on the list. Just Rennie's Cafe & Cookie Company can be found at the corner of Fourth and Locust Streets downtown. Not only can you enjoy a sweet treat, but it is also a great spot for lunch.

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Number 2

New to Evansville in 2022, our Number 2 spot goes to Insomnia Cookies. The company opened the city's first location in downtown. Find them at 318 Main Street.

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Number 1

Coming in at number one on our list of 5 Best Places in Evansville to Grab a Cookie is Crumbl Cookie. Located on Evansville's eastside just off Burkhardt Road, Crumbl Cookie has been crushing sugar cravings in the city since 2021.

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