This is a parody sorta deal, where these people made a trailer to Titanic and decided to make it so when you go to see it in theaters it's not just "3D" they did you one better, and decided to make it like you're actually there! They pelt you with ice, blow your hair back with fans and shoot you when you're sitting in the audience.  Sounds pretty nice, huh? They also decided to add some extras like a storm trooper and call it a George Lucas film, they also added a ton of explosions and called it a Michael Bay film, they also shake things up by adding in a Kraken (that mythical giant octopus that eats ships).  It's pretty funny, and it's going viral right now it was uploaded on April 7th and today (the 9th) already has over 3 million views. 


Are you going to go see Titanic in 3d? Or have you seen it?  Is it worth the money to see it in 3d or should I just stick to my dvd?

There's also this hilarious video of Ellen doing her part in the "draw scene"

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