Barring some type of unforeseen mental illness or dementia years from now, I'll never forget where I was during the attacks of September 11th, 2011...I was in bed...sound asleep. At the time I was working the overnight shift on our sister-station, 103GBF and didn't know about the attacks until my best friend called me around 3:30 that afternoon and asked if I had been watching TV. Long story short, it turns out I nodded off about 15 minutes before the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center at roughly 7:45am Evansville time.

In the aftermath, where a symbol of freedom and capitalism stood, there was nothing more than a hole. A hole that I think metaphorically represented the hole in America's heart as we came to grips with what happened that day and adjusted to a new life of increased security measures and taking our shoes off before boarding an airplane.

But being the proud (and maybe a little stubborn) nation we are, we vowed that we would rebuild and fill that hole in our collective heart with a symbol that not only honored those who lost their life that day, but sent a message to the world that we wouldn't live in fear.

That message began six years ago and is nearing completion with the construction of One World Trade Center.

Estimated to be finished in 2013 or 2014, One World Trade is being constructed on the exact same spot as the original Twin Towers and is expected to surpass the 1,250 foot Empire State Building in height.

Fortunately for those of us that don't live in New York City a company called EarthCam, an international company who specializes in webcam technology has had cameras rolling since day one and released this nearly two minute time lapse video capturing the construction project.

Involuntary chants of "U-S-A! U-S-A!" are normal and should not be stifled.

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