Yes, I too think they look delicious.

Tide Pods

I know that it's 2018 and things like "Don't eat laundry detergent" should be common knowledge, but alas, here we are. The latest trend among the youths is the Laundry Pod challenge. Basically, teens are trying to eat Tide Pods. And I don't actually blame them.

Tide Pods, which came out about a year ago, are small capsules of detergent and bleach that you toss into your laundry. The plastic packaging dissolves in water and the detergent cleans your clothes. It's basically for lazy people who don't want to take 3 seconds to pour detergent. Unfortunately, the people at Tide decided to make the pods look like a delicious gummy snack, along the lines of Gushers. Maybe it is the color scheme, but the damn things look delicious. It might also be more enticing to eat because they are actually poison and forbidden.

Even though they look good, DON'T EAT THEM! If you wouldn't chug a bottle of bleach, don't eat a Tide Pod. It's really bad for you and could actually kill you. However, if any gummy companies want to market a food item that looks like Tide Pods, I will happily give you all of my money.


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