The latest viral video sensation is one for the books. Watch three guys kill it dancing to a Beyonce mashup — in stilettos!

The three gentlemen — Yanis Marshall, Arnaud Boursain and Mehdi Mamine, according to the description of their YouTube video — are rehearsing their choreography for their upcoming performance on the final live show of 'Britain’s Got Talent.'

The two minutes of intense dancing will have your jaw dropping (and your feet aching out of sympathy) as the dancers sashay and gyrate across their London dance studio to some of Beyonce’s biggest hits, including ‘Naughty Girl’ and the Jay Z-featured ‘Crazy in Love.’

Honestly, the choreo alone is delivered so fiercely that we would be mega impressed by that alone. But the fact that they’re all rocking high-heeled shoes? No wonder this video is going viral!

Check out the impressive video up above!

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