If you're looking for one of the friendliest towns in Missouri we've found it.

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Just west of St. Louis, you'll find Dardenne Prairie, Missouri which was just named by Travelpulse, the friendliest town in Missouri. To be honest, I have not heard of Dardenne Prarie, but they were the town described I want to check out this town.

One of the most family-friendly aspects of Dardenne Prairie is the abundance of parks in the city. The town is rural for being so close to a major city, and the school district is always highly rated.

The town reminds me of Quincy a little with the many parks, events, and small-town vibe it has. It seems there is something going on every weekend in Dardenne Prairie that brings in visitors. I will also put Hannibal on this list. Every time I go to Downtown Hannibal people are always extremely helpful, and nice, and they are so thankful that you stopped into their shop and came to visit Hannibal.

I would say Hannibal should definitely be on this list 100%. Dardenne Prairie also makes the list (coming in at #25) as one of the best places to live in Missouri. With an A+ rating for the school district, housing, and good for families. So it looks like this is the perfect place and the happiest place to be.

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