Even though it has gone pretty fast, there is still plenty of summertime left to soak up.  Now, I know that the last year and a half has not been stellar for would-be pool owners.  I talked with my fiancé’s family this past weekend and they have had to wait almost two years to get their new pool put in.  Like a lot of things in short supply these days, it all boils down to supply and shipment issues caused by the pandemic. However, there is hope to still put in your very own pool this summer!  Well, depending on if you are willing to let your inner farm child out.

If you had had issues with anything pool-related, you could always go the DIY route this summer.   The new trend of summer 2021 is to buy a cattle trough and use it as your very own swimming pool.  Honestly, it’s not a bad idea.  Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars on some fancy inground pool, you can spend a couple hundred and customize it however you would like.  Not to mention most cattle troughs are a pretty good size and would be a perfect lounge pool for you and your friends.

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When I first saw this, I had to laugh.  Solely because my grandma has said that they used to swim in the cattle troughs on her farm growing up.  Now, those troughs were already in use but they still enjoyed themselves.  What else is funny about this is how popular the trend really is.  So much so that there is an entire website dedicated to showing you how to make the ultimate cattle trough swimming pool.  From setup and installation to fun ways to accessorize your new backyard centerpiece.

It’s just a fun D.I.Y. project you can try out this summer.  The setup seems relatively easy and it will be a great way to get the friends together for a unique pool day.  The only way to make this even more perfect would be the addition of a pig trough hot tub.  Just saying.


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