This morning, when I dropped my daughter off at her Pre-K class, she grabbed my hand and showed me her "This is Me" project. The kids were asked to visualize themselves and draw what they think they look like. OMG I about died! So cute!

Okay, we are going to break it down but first here's the entire door... My daughter is Ava. She apparently sees herself as being purple! Yes, I'm on board with that. "Purple" is pretty much an overall description of her spirit.

You know what this entire project says to me? It says, our little brains are growing and changing and my world is basically a whirlwind of colors, shapes, emotions, and magic! IMAGINATION!!


So, let's break these projects down a bit.


Though Patrick might look a bit angry at first, you'll see that there's a heart in there and it's blueish purple! I like to think Patrick isn't angry - just really excited about being at school. And, though I'm not quite sure if he is wearing shoulder pads and a holster (it's pre-k, anything is possible) the detail work is phenomenal. I can only assume that is a belly button there in the stomach region. Points for being anatomically correct.

ashley s


I have not yet met Caitlin but her art tells me that she is a mature, fun, and carefree child who pays close attention to detail! How could you NOT love that smile?!


Cash is a simple man. Only the facts kinda man. Cool. Calm. Collected man. I mean, the name backs it up, right? Cashhhhhhh.

Garrett & Sophia

I think Garrett and Sophia have the MOST imagination out of all these kids! Fun fact about Picasso - he could paint likeness of people and objects so well, it was BORING to him, so he invented Cubism. I think Garrett and Sophia see the world and themselves as something way more than what's on the surface and to express that artistically, well, they have to go way outside of the box. Tiny geniuses. Yes, tiny geniuses.



Next up, Ayla. I have met this child and she does not have bright red hair but in her mind she totally has bright red hair - but only on the sides of her head! LOVE!

When I was in preschool I came home with a picture I colored in black and purple. My mom probed me to see if I was depressed and expressing emotion through art therapy. I quickly informed her that black and purple were the only two crayons that hadn't been taken... :-/

So, Ayla's red hair might be a case of the final marker. And that face tho! She must not be impressed with this assignment! This IS one of my favorite emojis.  :P Must be hers too.


So... Chase. I can only assume this child has curly hair... including on his chest. And hugs are not optional. Com-mear you!



Anyway, all of these kids is an amazing artist and special in their own way! This is totally proof that preschool age is the best. :D