This is ducking genius!

Dear iPhone, we will NEVER mean "ducking".

If you're like me, the F-word is on your list of favorite words of all times. I use it quite frequently, especially in texting conversations. With that being said, nothing irks me more than when my phone autocorrects "*ucking" to "ducking". Never once in all my years of texting have I ever meant "ducking". Nevertheless, I just correct it manually and move on.

However, it turns out there's actually an iPhone hack to prevent this from happening. YAY!

According to Buzzfeed, all you have to is add a contact to your phone called "*ucking," and your phone will be tricked into recognizing it as a word. Obviously, don't use the little star, I just have to censor the curse word in this blog to be professional.


Make sure the "f" is lowercase, unless you'd prefer the capitalized version of the word.

I've already done this, and it actually works! No more DUCKING!

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