Sure, pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I've embraced every minute of it, but some of y'all could've given me a heads-up. 

Since I found out I was pregnant, my body has been changing constantly. I expected that, of course, but there's a lot more going on than I anticipated. Here are a couple things I wished someone would've told me sooner.

1. Your nipples are going to look weird AF.
Maybe this is TMI, but who's the reality of it. I always heard they got darker, and they do, but they also change shape/fullness...and holy moly don't even think about touching them.

2. Coconut butter is greasy and gross.
I'm not a big lotion person anyway, but with the anticipation of stretch marks, I started using coconut butter to soften my skin and get it ready to stretch. I lather that sh** on thick every morning. It's greasy and sticky and nasty, but hopefully it works.

3. Speaking of coconut ruins EVERYTHING.
DO NOT wear nice bras/clothing when you wear coconut butter. The greasiness of it soaks into material and you'll never get those spots out of your bras and tank tops. I've ruined THREE good bras now. So depressing.

4. You'll need an alternative to jeans sooner than you think.
By the three month mark, I was already leaving my jeans unbuttoned. Shortly after that, I bought a "belly belt", which is like an extended buttoner, and it's been a lifesaver.

5. Also, jeans just kind of suck anyway.
They're uncomfortable and itchy and they don't sit right on a growing belly. I'm already trying to ditch them every chance I get. Seek other options if you can. Unfortunately, job #2 requires I wear jeans/dressier clothing, so I'm going to be maternity clothes shopping soon.

6. You just might pee yourself.
This wasn't an issue early on, but recently I've been making trips to the potty on the reg. In the middle of the night, during the show, it doesn't matter. When baby decides to play kickball on my bladder, it's hard to get to the toilet fast enough. It's only going to get worse.

7. "Glowing" isn't a thing for everyone.
Sure, some women get that "pregnancy glow", but for the rest of us, our complexion kind of sucks. I've seen a slight increase in acne and oiliness since getting pregnant. Greasy is not the same as glowing, I don't think.

8. Get a pregnancy app.
Seriously, they tell you every little thing that's happening week to week. Your baby isn't usually going to be growing drastically from week to week...but even though it might only be a tad bigger, the other things that are happening are amazing.

9. Lastly, embrace it all the same.
I'd pee myself every day if it meant I was growing a happy, healthy, active baby. It's all worth it in the end. I know when I finally get to hold my little guy or girl, all these things will seem so small. I can't wait.


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