Add these to your list of things to never say to a pregnant lady. 

I'm 32 weeks pregnant now. Yup, that's real pregnant. Do I feel really pregnant? Absolutely. Am I "about to pop?" Well, no..but then again, who knows!

I've become beyond annoyed with the constant opinions and two cents at this point in my pregnancy. By now, I've heard it all. Everyone and their mother seems to be a medical professional when it comes to pregnancy/parenting. Like most pregnant women, I just roll my eyes at the comments. But after some thought I've decided to make a list of things you should avoid saying to pregnant ladies.

Here ya go:

"Oh wow, you're so big!!!"
Really? I hadn't noticed the giant basketball I'm carrying around under my shirt!

"You're SO big! You'll go early for sure!"
Hm, is there any truth to that? I thought the baby just came when it wanted. My doctor said I'm measuring perfectly, but what does she know?

"Wow! How much have you gained?"
Well, according to my doctor, the one that went to medical school, I am perfectly on track with my weight gain. Your concern means so much, though.

"You've still got a long ways to go!"
Really? I hadn't noticed that the days feel like years when you're waddling to the bathroom every five seconds and struggling to breathe.

"Oh, I ate/drank that when I was pregnant and my kids turned out just fine!"
WOW, lucky you! Scientific evidence has also suggested NOT eating or drinking certain things during pregnancy to avoid potentially harmful situations. I am really glad that wasn't the case for you, but it's not a risk I'm willing to take.

"Wow, are you sure there's just one in there?"
Well, according to all the sonograms and stuff, yep - there's just one...but I guess the other could be hiding (I know, it really can happen). If that's the case, he's going to be a champion at hide-n-seek one day.

"You're going to try all natural? Good luck with THAT!"
Probably the most annoying comment. Listen, I know I've never done this before. I know that I have no idea how this is going to go. What I do know is that it's going to be the worst pain of my life - DUH! However, my choice to attempt a natural, drug-free childbirth is none of your business. And you certainly have no place telling me what my body is or isn't capable of. Let me live.

"Oh, just wait!"
Here it is! Another 'I've-been-through-this-and-you-haven't' comment. These comments get real annoying real fast. I'll learn, just like you did. Why would you want to scare me even more? I'm about to be a new mom - that's scary enough. How about I figure this all out for myself and you save your snarky comments.

Don't get me wrong, I joke around more than most pregnant women do. Close friends think it's fun to tease me and try to get under my skin, and we can all laugh about it. But, they know their boundaries...there's always a line you shouldn't cross.

So, take this advice:

Leave us alone. Let our bellies grow as big as they want to. Let us eat and drink, or not eat or drink, whatever the hell we please. And lastly, mind ya business.

I'm one of the weirdos that have actually enjoyed pregnancy for the most part. I actually think I'll miss it. However, what I won't miss is the constant "advice"/opinions/2 cents thrown at me unwarranted.

Now you know.

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