If you're planning on making a trip to the Vanderburgh County Fair this year, there are a list of things that Sheriff Dave Wedding advises that you DON'T bring to the 4-H Fairground under penalty of LAW!

  1. Firearms are NOT permitted. - Even if you have a carry permit, DO NOT bring any type of weapon or firearm to the fair.
  2. Coolers and backpacks are subject to inspection.
  3. No glass containers are permitted - For safety reasons so no one gets hurt by stepping on broken glass from a dropped container.
  4. The sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed
  5. No fireworks are permitted.
  6. Laser pointers are prohibited.
  7. Skateboards or roller skates are prohibited.
  8. All livestock must remain in designated areas.
  9. Animals (excluding service animals) not registered for an event or function are not permitted.

As far as the flying of drones go, no prohibition has been issued but caution is HIGHLY recommended. Check out the complete list of events scheduled below, enjoy the Vanderburgh County Fair and stay safe.

county fair schedule

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