Some say "the best snake is a dead snake." However, did  you know that it's illegal to kill two specific snakes in Indiana? 

I will be the first to admit that I am deathly afraid of snakes. Big, small, venomous, or not, I want no part of them. It's been documented a few times.

However, I know that snakes are a necessary evil to have around, because they get rid of those little pests. I would still take my chances with a mouse over a snake. I saw what that one snake tried to do to J-Lo and Ice Cube in that one move. Never saw a mouse cause that kind of damage....but I digress.

Indiana is home to 33 native snake species  of which only four are venomous. Two of those snakes are actually illegal to kill. As a matter of fact, in the state of Indiana, you cannot kill, harm, ore take any snake from the wild without a permit.

Even with said permit, there are still two snakes that are off limits to possess or kill. Those are the copperbelly water snake and the massasauga rattlesnake.


These are two of many snakes that are endangered and threatened species. This is actually a part of an agreement between Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois that helps to protect this snake’s remaining habitat.

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There are two kinds of punishment that you might face. The first is for breaking the Endangered Species Act, and the second is for violating state law.

The fine for breaking the Endangered Species Act is significant. The maximum penalty is $50,000 or one year in prison. In the worst cases, you’ll face a fine and a sentence.

As for the fines for breaking state law, the law varies substantially. If you’re caught, the maximum penalty is likely to be a few hundred dollars.

So if you stumble across these snakes in  your home, and your natural reaction is to get the shovel and kill the creepy creature, you should probably find another alternative to get rid of it....or do what I would do and sell the house because where there is one snake, there's more!