Rob was telling me this morning that his DVR malfunctioned & he missed last night's episode of The Voice Blind Auditions. I felt really bad that he missed it, so I thought I'd hook him, and you, up with the full episode!

I was ecstatic when I realized that there were 2 Fleetwood Mac songs being performed - I'm a fan!  Over all, I felt like the coaches were pretty right on with their chair turns. There were a couple of contestants that I was really upset about though. One is Jordan Pruitt. If that name sounds familiar at all it's because she has had 2 albums with 6 singles on a major label already, and has opened for The Cheetah Girls, Demi Lovato, and a few other names you'd likely recognize. Why is she taking up a spot on Team Xtina? Why did Christina turn around? And no one turned around at all for Indiana native Jeffrey James who performed A Little Less Conversation by Elvis, and parks cars for a living in Nashville. I was honestly yelling at my television: "Push! Push the button!"

Here's the rest of what you missed: