Valentine’s Day is already past, and hopefully everyone got their fair share of chocolate! Sadly, I did not, but that’s by my own request. It always looks better to appear that I am trying to stay on my diet and piously waiving any attempts of candy. Later I will just walk down to the freezer in my barn under the guise of getting more vegetables and pull out a piece of chocolate cake. I won’t be able to eat it in front of anyone that thinks I am truly dieting, so no time for it to thaw to a palatable texture. I will have to stand hunkered over the freezer, gnawing on it like a granary rat.

But enough with my secret obsessions. Valentine’s Day also serves to remind us of a very sinister scam that is taking place nationwide under many guises – the Sweetheart Scam.

Primarily targeting the lonely older populations, (50 and above), these scammers often find a person on an online dating site and establish a bond of some type. They will converse enough to gain trust then persuade the victim to go “offsite,” often sharing email addresses and advising that they can get acquainted more effectively through personal conversations.

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