Anybody who knows me knows that I jump at any opportunity I can get to talk about or share pictures of my dogs...  Today's excuse is that MY SWEET BABY ROXIE IS TURNING TWO YEARS OLD TODAY!!!


I first met Roxie in April of 2016 when Lindsey from the Warrick Humane Society brought her in to be a Pet of the Week.  She was one day shy of eight weeks old and was known as "Precious."  When Lindsay handed Precious to me, I immediately feel in love with her.  I couldn't let this little baby go.  I was not looking for another dog in my life.  We already had our lovely little lady Leila at home.  But I couldn't get the beautiful puppy Precious out of my head for the whole day.  After work, I went right to the Warrick Humane Society and picked her up permanently.  She's been filling my life with warmth ever since.


She could be a lot to handle at times throughout her first year of life.  She was never mean or anything, but had a lot of puppy energy and would test her limits sometimes.  In her second year, though, she has calmed down tremendously and behaves very well.  She's the best snuggler I've ever met and she's still as playful as the day we brought her home.


I'm so glad I adopted this sweet baby from the Warrick Humane Society, and if you're looking for a dog in your life, I greatly encourage you to "ADOPT, DON'T SHOP" and strongly recommend our friends at the Warrick Humane Society on Vann Road in Newburgh!


Also, if you're reading this on Monday February 19th, please remember to stop by MOD Pizza today for their Give-Back Day, in which 20% of your bill will go to the Warrick Humane Society.  You can find more information by clicking HERE!


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