First, I'd like to start by acknowledging that I'm not the first KISS-FM personality to review Fuller House, as two episodes in Gavin gave his review of the show and if you'd like to see his review, please CLICK HERE!  However, I do feel as if I've always been KISS' resident Full House fan, and I have been extremely vocal about this new series, so I feel as if an independent review is warranted.

I have gone on record numerous times by admitting that I'm not usually a fan of sitcoms.  I have also admitted, though, that I love Full House and everything about it.  I loved it since season one back in ABC's "T.G.I.F." days before I was even in grade school.  Admittedly, it's extremely difficult to revitalize a franchise that has been dead for about 20 years, but Netflix and (most of) the original cast decided to give it a shot.  (By the way, I don't miss Michelle!)


I'm glad they did, because the modern update, now known as Fuller House to reflect star DJ's married name, hit all of the right chords for me.  It doesn't matter what the cast looks like, it doesn't matter who the show focuses on...  The show always FEELS like an episode of Full House and that's the most important thing.  I imagine the integrity of the show is preserved because not only are the people in front of the cameras largely the same, but the same can be said for the show's writing team.


Without giving too much away, the show updates the plot by focusing on DJ in her father's previous role with the genders switched.  A recently widowed mother of three boys, her sister and her best friend move in to the house they grew up in foremost to rear DJ's boys and secondly to have a good time.  Everybody mentioned in this paragraph, as well as Kimmy Gibbler's daughter Regina, make up the principal cast that keeps the show moving.


Occasionally you will see a cameo from the older generation, but not always, which threw me at first but I grew accustomed to.  Originally I thought we'd be seeing Danny, Uncle Joey, and Uncle Jesse on every episode, but about half of the episodes feature none of them!  That WOULD be a problem if the show didn't stand on its own as a well-written sitcom.  In fact, sometimes seeing the legacy cast can become distracting or diversionary.  There are definitely times when they feel crow-barred in.


All in all, I never felt let down by what I was watching.  They did a fantastic job of mixing nostalgia into the formula without sounding too corny in my opinion.  Also, since the show is now geared towards us 25-45 year-olds, you can expect a few borderline-sexual jokes that are nothing raunchy, just a bit bluer than you'd have heard 25 years ago.  I'm happy to say that if you were a fan of Full House, Fuller House will likely leave you the way it left me...  Feeling very satisfied and older than I'd like to admit.

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