13 Reasons Why season 2 handles a lot of tough subjects, however, it does leave out a big one.

'13 Reasons Why'

This past Friday, the second season of the hit Netflix series 13 Reasons Why was finally released. I binge-watched the first season all in one day because I don't value my own time. I wasn't a huge fan of the first season, but I found myself stupidly invested enough to get hate-cited (hate+excited) for a season 2.

On Sunday, my friend group got together to watch the first four episodes of the new season together and we discovered that, yeah, this is pretty much the same mildly-terrible show as season 1, just with more trigger warnings. Season 2, within 4 episodes, already tackled heroin addiction, post-suicide attempt stress, rape survival, and self-mutilation. There is, however, one issue the show is shying away from: CLAY IS TALKING TO A F***ING GHOST!


"Welcome to your tape..."

Clay first sees the ghost of former-boo (ghost puns!) Hannah Baker, the awful protagonist/victim/entitled princess of season 1, early in the first episode of season 2, while he's trying to lose his virginity to a 2005 Hot Topic, Skye. Nothing kills the sex mood faster than seeing the ghost of a dead girl you couldn't "Love back to life." Still, this isn't so crazy; people see stuff sometimes after a traumatic event. But he's definitely not going to talk to Ghost Hannah.

ghost hannah

*cues "Temptation Sensation"*

Yep, they start having conversations. They even have a discussion about whether or not she is "corporeal" like the episode of Angel when Spike comes back. Season 1 was distasteful in its portrayal of pretty much everything, but at least it was somewhat realistic (every teen having mad-tats aside). Once you cross over into G-G-GHOSTS!, there's no going back to realism.

And again, maybe they do tackle this further into the series, since Clay is having conversations with Ghost Hannah in public places. Someone eventually has to speak up and say "You're yelling at nobody about sexual assault and suicide and we need you to leave this Starbucks." Maybe the series explains this by Clay having actual mental health issues or maybe he's a medium. Hell, maybe this is leftover spookiness from the same actor being in Goosebumps.

He loved a not-really-there girl in that too. Typecast much?

I do plan on finishing the season and hopefully they address these issues. Knowing this show, though, he'll either end up hooking-up with a literal ghost or he'll kill himself so him and Hannah can be together forever in the afterlife and suicide can be further romanticized.

My fanfiction ending would be the Winchester's showing up, salting and burning Hannah's bones, and then smashing the tapes. They would then punch Bryce in his stupid face and send him to Crowley.

In conclusion, if you are someone you know is suffering from mental health issues such as depression or seeing ghosts, please go to 13reasonswhy.info.

Or call these guys:

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