At first, I thought this challenge was ridiculous.  I thought girls were doing this to make others feel bad about wearing make up since they don't need to.  But I looked more into it and I'm loving the results!

I always thought of make up as an addiction.  It starts out as a little lip gloss, to a little blush, to mascara, and more and more gets piled on top.  Not as extreme as a drug addiction, but if you think about it, it resembles it fairly close.

I've never been one to play in make up and to this day I hardly ever wear it, unless I'm getting super fancy then I'll swipe on some mascara, but to be honest I hate the way my face looks with make up, simply because IT'S NOT ME.  That's not how I look and I think this is how every woman should feel when she sees her face.  EMBRACE IT!

No part of this article should make you feel less about yourself.  Yes we do have the ability to make ourselves look the way we think we should, but that's all brainwash.  Who says that's the way you should look?  Photoshopped models.  That's who, they don't even look their photos.  I'm not hating on Photoshop, I think it's amazing technology, you just have to understand that EVERY photo is Photoshopped, even your high school yearbook photo had Photoshop.

I encourage you to take on the no make up challenge, and it going cold turkey is something you can't imagine doing, maybe wear less and less each week.  Work your way into loving your face again!!

How do you feel about the no make up challenge?

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