Earlier this week, I had quite the mystery on my hands. One of my individual Bob Evans mac & cheese containers was half empty, but still sealed. I reached out to the Bob Evans home office to let them know about it, and see if I could get this mystery solved. Here is the email that I received from their customer service:

"Good afternoon Liberty,

I apologize that you had this experience with one of our products and I want to thank you for thank you for taking the time to communicate to us why our products did not meet your expectations and to provide the pictures of the product and product codes.  We have every desire to address your needs and provide you with the best solution available to resolve your issue as soon as possible.  I have forwarded your concern to our Director of Quality Assurance.  We appreciate your patience while they investigate this case.

Also, please provide a mailing address so I may provide replacement coupons.

Kind regards,

Bobbi Nitz Customer Service Representative"

Original Article January 13, 2021

I will be the first to admit that I can be a little dramatic when it comes to food issues. My aversion to onions is well known. I refuse to eat expired foods. So, you can only imagine my shock when I opened my 2-pack of Bob Evans Macaroni & Cheese, and found one of the containers practically empty!

Photo: Liberty

Was I having a 'Goldilocks' moment...Had someone been eating my mac & cheese? Upon closer inspection, I realized that both containers were sealed. Now, a normal person would just eat the full container and toss the half-empty one. Or maybe even eaten both of them. But not me. After weighing the pros and cons for 5 minutes, I decided it would be best to just throw them both away.

Photo: Liberty

I mean, if something was wrong with the half-empty one, who's to say that something didn't go wrong with the full one, you just couldn't see it? They both had the same expiration dates, so I assume they were made at the same time. My weirdness took over, and not only did I throw them away, I didn't even open a new package that was in the fridge. My stomach wasn't emotionally ready to handle it. Yes, my stomach has emotions LOL.

Photo: Liberty:

I have reached out to Bob Evans to see what the deal is. I'll update you when they get back with me.

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