There are plenty of original restaurants in Evansville that get their fair share of love, but we want to shine some light on the ones that get overlooked. 

We get it - Turoni's is amazing, Sauced has a killer menu, Bru Burger can whip up some deliciousness - and we totally agree - but there's also tons of other Evansville restaurants that often times get passed up.

We think these restaurants deserve some love too, because they're just as delicious as all the other Evansville favorites.

Here's a list of the most underrated restaurants around the city that you should consider going to next time you're out and about. They deserve some love too.

1. Pie Pan
Pie Pan has amazing breakfast, but it's kind of a hidden gem in Evansville. They have their regular customers, but it's not a place you'd consider going to unless you talked to someone who recommended it. Well, here we are, recommending it.

2. Lombardi's
Although they recently switched owners, Lombardi's makes a killer pizza. They also have paninis, strombolis, and other things that are truly mouth-watering. Their funky location could probably be why they aren't more talked-about, but they're worth checking out. Rob is a die-hard fan and has always sworn they make the best pizza in town.

3. Fuji Yama
After you've eaten breakfast at Pie Pan, head down the strip to Fuji Yama. They have arguably the best sushi in Evansville, yet I never hear people talk about them. Sure, there's other great sushi around the city, but NOTHING beats a deep fried crab rangoon roll from Yama's.

4. La Campriana
This is a fairly new restaurant in Evansville, but you don't want to pass it up. It's actually dangerous, because after the first time I went, I was back the very next day. They have an authentic menu and homemade juice that's to die for.

5. El Charro
This cute little Mexican spot is tucked away on the West Side of Evansville, but it's so worth dining at. They have $7 lunch specials and HUGE portions. Finishing your entire plate is almost impossible because they hook you up...and the food is great.

6. Corner Pocket
Although this is technically a bar and it doesn't scream "good food", Corner Pocket actually has pretty phenomenal breakfast. Oh, and possibly the best Bloody Mary in Evansville to boot. Don't be intimidated by it's dive bar appearance!

Those are all our recommendations, but here's what our listeners recommend:

1. Leroy's Tavern

2. Fool Moon

3. Granola Jar



We're adding all of these to our list! Don't be surprised if you catch us grabbing lunch at one of these locations soon.

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