Every now and then, it seems that we run across something that is just so beautiful, and just so precious that it makes the whole world stop for a moment while we take it all in.

I have had many moments in my life like this. Moments that make the whole world... Just. Stop. Those moments always involve my daughter. The sound of her laughter... The way her eyes crinkle up at the corners when she smiles... The whisper of  "I love you Mommy." My daughter is my whole world and I know just how blessed I am to have her in my life.

As I am sitting here, it's quiet in the house. I have just put her to bed, tucked up all safe and warm and I ran across a video from a project called Operation Smile. While I was watching this video, I was struck by one of those moments... A moment of beauty, wonder, and awe. In that moment, my heart smiled for the joy that can only be expressed through the eyes of a child.

The little girl in the video that you are about to watch was born with a cleft lip. You'll notice as the video begins, that dispite the malformation, the little girl is truly beautiful. After undergoing corrective surgery, the video returns to this same little girl, and we see her as she sees her "new self" for the first time. The video is filmed with a flip screen view, so the reaction that you see on the little girls face (pay special attention to her eyes) is her reaction to seeing herself in real time, only 24 hours after her surgery.

Take a moment to let the world stop. Take a moment to see the most beautiful smile you will see all day. I hope it will make your heart smile like it did mine.