Meghan Trainor and the legendary Miss Britney Spears have much more in common than you might think: They both shot to No. 1 with their debut singles, they've both caused on-stage escándalo with some lip lockin' at an awards show, and they're both major enthusiasts of a big fat bass.


When Meghan's latest single "No" first dropped, which basically plays like a 2001 NOW That's What I Call Music! CD stuffed into one song, plenty o' pop fans pointed out that the song induced all sorts of Destiny's Child, NSYNC and, of course, Brit Brit early '00s memories. (That video, of course, only aided in bringing up the Y2K nostalgia.)

Thanks to producer Raheem D, we can finally enjoy the best of both worlds with a very millennial mash-up.

As it turns out, those oh-so-Max Martin-esque synth stabs in Meghan's "No" are a perfect sonic fit with Brit's own "Overprotected" from 2001's Britney, resulting in a double dose of self-assertion. You need to let it go, 'cause I need time, love, joy, space...I need may.

Take a break from your serenity breathing exercises while waiting for Britney's B9 and watch the video for "NO Overprotected (Mashup)" — which should really be called "Noverprotected" — up top.

And since the Darkchild remix version of the "Overprotected" video turned 14 over the weekend, let us now revel in all of its excellence over a decade later — including arguably her greatest Spearitual dance break in a music video.

Britney's 2002 'Crossroads' Premieres Were a Veritable Who's Who of Early '00s Pop Legends:

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