I'll never forget the day that I applied to work at the Disney Store in Oxmoor Mall. As soon as I walked out from a very magical visit, I knew I had to work there. So, I walked right back in and asked the manager if they were hiring. They were actually hiring for a role that didn't open up very often; Lead Cast Member.

The interview was certainly a unique experience. It was a small group interview, and we were all asked the same questions. I felt like I sealed the deal when the challenge was to 'Sell' something. I described my Rob Thomas bracelet that was also a USB that contained the audio from the concert I went to. I could've sold a box of those - LOL.

As a part of the Disney Management Team, I learned about daily sales goals, KPI, White Glove Standards, creating magical moments for each guest, the figure 8, and I even learned how to fold a shirt. Okay, they tried to teach me how to fold a shirt properly, and let's just say that is still an opportunity for me today.

When you work for Disney, you become family. Every time we visit Louisville, a stop to  my store is always at the top of the list. So, that's why when I saw that store #429 was closing, I was heartbroken. I won't get the chance to say farewell in person, so I'm sharing some of the best Disney Store memories from myself and former castmates.

As soon as the word started spreading about the Disney Store closing, the line wrapped around the mall.

Heather Hunt

The Disney Store in Oxmoor Mall will close on Saturday, September 26, 2020. The only other Disney Store in Kentucky is in Lexington. There is an outlet store in Nashville.

It's not goodbye, it's 'See ya real soon'!

Heather Hunt

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