If you feel uninformed about voting for school board, I'm here to help!

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Tuesday Nov. 6th is a pretty important election day in the grand scheme of the government. However, it will have a lasting impact on the local level as well. During this election, there are 4 seats up for grabs on the Vanderburgh Country School Board.

You might not think this is important but you'd be mistaken. In the past, I've been the uninformed voter who just picks a name at random. Not wanting to do that this year - and not wanting to dick over my friends that are teachers - I decided to do some research the 8 candidates currently running.

First, you might be wanting to know what the school board actually does. According to Megan Erbacher of the Evansville Courier and Press, the school board does the following:

"The EVSC School Board is the governing body of the school corporation. Some of their responsibilities include: to adopt bylaws and policies and to ensure those policies are carried out, to hire and evaluate the district's superintendent and to adopt collective bargaining agreements.

School board elections are nonpartisan, and all registered voters can vote for open seats on the ballot.

The seven-person EVSC School Board has two people represent each district and one at-large seat. Each member serves four-year terms and must live within the district they serve.

The districts, which are the same as county commissioner district lines, are: District 1 covers mainly the east side of the county, District 2 covers most of the north side and District 3 covers most of the west side. The at-large seat is countywide."

Here's a list of the candidates running on the ballot on Nov. 6th:

EVSC School Board District 1

EVSC School Board District 2

Ann M Ennis

EVSC School Board At-Large

They also support voting "NO" on the Balanced Budget Amendment that would reduce pensions for firefighters, police officers, and teachers.

Hopefully this is enough information for you to make an informed vote come Nov. 6th!

*While PACE endorses these candidates, that is no means a reflection of the support or opinions of KISS 106 or Townsquare Media 


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