Since we all need retail therapy, here's my top five! 

Retail therapy is just what it is, therapeutic. As I was running around town today, like a chicken with my head cut off, I started having an anxiety attack about how much money I was spending. I still had a couple things I needed but instead, I went to my favorite Sunday shopping place (Rural King) just because it literally gives me endorphins. As I was shopping and mainly picking out things for my pool that I don't need just yet, I thought. This place makes me happy. Other people need to know about the best retail therapy places! So here it goes! My top five places for retail therapy.

I love Rural King. Literally, the best place to go for so many things! This is where I get dog treats and toys and I always have to browse the clearance section before making my way out the door. They have everything thought, no joke. You can go in for dog food and get household supplies if you forgot to pick up dish soap in your grocery pick up (yes, this happens to me all the time). We have a pool and I have been searching for things such as furniture and fun floats so of course Rural King is my first go too. It relaxes me even if I am just walking around snacking on the popcorn.

There is no need for explanation on this one. You don't even have to go into Target for anything specific and walk out with a cart full. Target tells you what you need and for that, I love it.

Hear me out, this is not a joke. I love Bass Pro! While it's not local, it definitely makes me happy. They sell freaking snacks people! It also gives me the excuse for a quick day trip. Hello, Nashville for the day! Plus, I get to day dream about boats that I can't afford yet always beg my husband for.

I have to be descriptive about this. The free standing is too much because I can barely navigate. The one inside JCP is the perfect size, they know me by name (not sure that's a good or bad thing) and they still have almost everything the free standing has!

Okay, this is a given. When you need some retail therapy it's best to end your therapy day with a brand new bottle of wine to kick back and enjoy when you get home! Not to mention, they legit have the coolest displays known to man!

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