Well, this it.  The end of era happens this weekend here in Owensboro.  The Book & Music Exchange will officially close its doors for good on Sunday, February 23rd.  Over the last few weeks, the store has been liquidating its entire inventory with a 75% off sale storewide.

I work out at Edge and have seen many people walking out of the store with bags and boxes full of great deals.

I will admit.  I haven't shopped at Book & Music Exchange for a couple of years.  The digital era has pretty much eliminated my need to have hard copies of music.  However, the last time I visited the store, I purchased something I will never forget.

I found an old Debby Boone album with the song "You Light Up My Life" on it.  That was my elementary school principal, Mr. Pendley's, favorite song.  I bought that album simply because of him.  And, when Mr. Pendley passed away in March of 2018, I sent that album to Welborn Florist and they created an amazing flower arrangement around it.  It's what I sent to the funeral home to honor him.

That's my absolute fondest memory of Book & Music Exchange.  Do you have one?


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