The stars of Marvel's Netflix series' finally come together!

Defenders Kingpin Punisher Absence Explained
Marvel / Netflix

Starting with Daredevil back in 2015, the goal of the Netflix-based Marvel series' was to bring all of the heroes together, similar to what The Avengers did. While the Daredevil and Jessica Jones series were great, Luke Cage and (especially) Iron Fist had issues. How did a show starring all of this characters turn out?

Overall, the show is just kind of alright. It has some good points, but overall, it feels like there is a much larger and more interesting world than the one we are being subjected to. The Hand have shown up in a few of the other shows and they just aren't interesting villains. I don't care about any of their plans. Their supernatural element makes them one dimensional and boring.

The show does have some great fight scenes, though. Daredevil set the bar very high with the hallway fight in season 1 of that show, which means every subsequent show has had to feature such a fight. The Defenders is no different. The fights are cool and fast, and every geek will get a kick out of seeing all the heroes fighting together.

The series is only 8 episodes which means you can breeze through it fairly quick. The only real glaring flaw with the show is Iron Fist, but you probably already knew that from his standalone series. The show isn't terrible, just not as good as some of the individual shows. Still though, it's worth a binge.

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