So, let me give you guys the run down on my current living situation.

I currently rent a home in Evansville. It's a perfectly fine home that we have settled into nicely. HOWEVER, we originally viewed the home during the winter, so the yard was in less than perfect shape at the time.

Fast-forward to this Spring (or lack there of) and we've seen the harsh reality of how badly our yard had been neglected up until we moved in. Sure, it's a rental home and those typically don't get the most attention, but the yard obviously hadn't been touched in years.

There were many seasons worth of leaves and debris scattered throughout the yard and landscaping. It was a nightmare. The "landscaping" looked awful. The poor shrubs and plants were trying to bloom but couldn't get up past the mess of leaves. So, we decided we had to take the project on ourselves.

Oh, and let's not forget the giant tree that fell down in our front yard. It left the lawn riddled with literally THOUSANDS of limbs of all shapes and sizes. We are STILL picking up sticks.

So, at 8 months pregnant, my boyfriend and I have spent the last few weeks cleaning up our yard.

During the process, we've uncovered several odd objects matted beneath the leaves. I wanted to share our bizarre findings with you.

1. A dead animal
I'm not sure what kind of animal it was, because it was badly decomposed, but I'm going to assume either a mole or a rabbit. Yes, the mess is so bad that not even the animals can survive.

2. A Waffle House cup
But...we don't even have a Waffle House around here?

3. Approximately 50 water bottles

4. Several Styrofoam cups
Someone really took advantage of Sonic's Happy Hour.

5. A trashcan lid
Yes, an entire trashcan lid that was invisible to the eye until we started raking. These leaves are a good 12 inches deep. I'm not kidding.

6. Heineken beer bottles
I'd chalk it up to about 5 or 6 found so far, but I expect more. I can't even be mad because Heineken is one of my favorite beers. At least the previous renters had good taste.

7. A towel
I'm not sure what the towel was used for, but I was wearing gloves, so it's NBD.

8. A mop
Yep, a whole mop. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the best shape to reuse, so I had to trash it. I don't think the people before me cleaned it makes sense.

9. Bottle caps
I might be jumping to conclusions here, but I think the previous renters were some party animals. I've found about 50 bottle caps. A majority of them are Bud Light, which is disappointing.

10. A hanger
No clothes attached, but still unable to be used. Sadly there's nothing I've been able to salvage from my findings, so there hasn't been a payout...yet.

Oh, and tons of other plastic bottles, wrappers, and garbage. Although this task has been tedious, it's kind of like a treasure hunt. I never know what I'm going to find when cleaning up my yard. We're just about done, but I expect this list to grow just a tad more as we get to the finishing touches. Stay tuned!

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