Here's a story that should remind you that there's safety in numbers.

Alex Band, lead singer of the recently reunited rock band the Calling, who had a huge Top 5 hit in 2001 with 'Wherever You Will Go,' was abducted by two men in a minivan. Band was robbed, beaten and then dumped on train tracks while walking by himself to a mini-mart near his hotel in Michigan this past weekend.

The good news is that Band has been treated and released, according to TMZ, but it was a scary couple of hours for the singer and his bandmates.

The Lapeer PD has updated the situation, saying the suspects are two men in a blue van. Band says he was robbed, although what was taken from him is not yet clear.

Band was in town for a music festival when he made the unfortunate decision to walk from his hotel to a nearby convenience store at 4AM on Sunday, Aug. 18.

A van pulled up alongside of Band, 32, grabbed him right off the street and administered a vicious beating.

The frontman's bandmates noticed he was missing in the morning and went looking for him. He was discovered on the tracks soon after.

While we are glad the Band was well enough to be released and hope he is okay, we can't help but wonder exactly what he was doing walking by himself in an unfamiliar area at that time of the morning. That's dangerous business and not a smart move by any means.

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