If you have Netflix, you know they bring the heat when it comes to their original series. 

Netflix has taken the world by storm. We used to have to wait months, even years sometimes for a new series to come out. Now, series are appearing right before our eyes...and we're getting entire seasons at once versus waiting week after week.

Netflix is full of exciting series and movies, but we have to tip our hats at their original series especially. It's almost like cable TV has taken the passenger seat and people seem to get more excited for a new series on Netflix versus cable.

So, we've decided to rank the best Netflix original shows. We each have our own list, but you'll notice similarities between the two. Take it from us, the binge-watching professionals, you'll want to check these out.

Maddie's List: 


13 Reasons Why

Stranger Things


Making a Murderer

Santa Clarita Diet

She's Gotta Have It

Queer Eye

Bill Nye Saves the World

Orange is the New Black

Now, I could rearrange this list a hundred times and still not be satisfied. There's so many AWESOME shows on Netflix that it's really hard to rank them, but you get the point. There's still several shows I plan on watching (The Staircase, Confession Tapes, Mindhunter) that I've heard are phenomenal, so I might have to add on to this list after I finish those.

The Rob's List: 


13 Reasons Why


Making a Murderer

Stranger Things

The Confession Tapes

Fuller House


Orange in the New Black

Santa Clarita Diet

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