In case you missed it, my favorite rapper of all time was hospitalized yet again over the weekend. Weezy has battled with epilepsy since he was a child, but his condition has seemed to worsen over the last couple years. 

Like I said before, Weezy is my favorite artist in the rap game...and possibly favorite artist across the board. I have been obsessed with his music since I was a kid. In fact, it was Wayne's music that really got me into the hip-hop/rap genre of music. I used to have his song lyrics printed out and plastered to my walls so I could memorize them. I had a huge poster of him that hung on my wall for years. I listened to every mix-tape and underground track I could get my hands on. And I'm still a fan to this day. In fact, there probably isn't a Weezy song out there that you could throw at me (within reason) that I don't know almost every word to.

So, just to lift my spirits following Wayne's health news, I've compiled my top 10 favorite Lil Wayne songs of all time. They're in no specific order, cause I just couldn't decide which I liked best. Here we go.

1. Ice Cream Paint Job.
Weezy is pretty notorious for remixing other hit songs and in my opinion, making them much better. This is the case for Ice Cream Paint Job. In his words, "I'm all over this ice cream beat like sprinkles". This is from one of my favorite Wayne mix-tapes..."No Ceilings", which will come up again on this list for sure.

2. Live from 504.
It's short, but sweet. It's probably one of Wayne's shortest songs, but I'll still spit every word. This one is from "Da Drought 3", which is an incredible album and will also reappear on the list, no doubt.

3. Gucci Gucci.
This is another remix to a preexisting song. The way he takes a beat and gives it a totally different mood is probably why I like Lil Wayne so much. He takes a song that's already great and makes it even better. This comes off his album "Sorry 4 The Wait", which guessed it...another one of my favorites. By now you've probably gathered that I like all of his albums. You're not wrong.

4. That's All I Have.
Another great one. This one features Tyga and Shanell, which gives it the total trifecta. The beat on this song is incredible. Again, it's from "No Ceilings". I'd pretty much put that entire album on this list if I didn't have to be so selective.

5. Back on my Grizzy.
This, like Live from 504, is from "Da Drought 3". It 100% deserves a top 10 spot. This is the era of Wayne that I was first introduced to, so it's pretty nostalgic for me.

6. 3 Peat.
This blog is really starting to take me down memory lane. This one's off of "The Carter III", which was released nearly a decade ago...meaning I was far too young to be listening to half the stuff that's being said in these songs.

7. Sky's The Limit.
Remember when I said I couldn't choose which Lil Wayne song was my all-time favorite? Well, I lied...because it's this song. This came out when Weezy had little dreadlocks, meaning I was probably still wearing GAP or Limited Too.

8. Fireman.
I remember listening to this song over and over on the school bus. Yeah, the actual bus. I would request it at every single school dance and no DJ would ever play it. I was always so disappointed that I didn't get to show my friends my impressive rapping skills.

9. A Milli.
This one is a classic. Almost every person knows this song, even if you aren't a Lil Wayne fan. It's on the more age-appropriate side of things for me, so I feel comfortable knowing a majority of the words.

And lastly...this was tough...

10. Pop Bottles.
Now, Lil Wayne is featured on this song with Birdman, so it's technically not "his", which is why I had a hard time picking this one before all the other GREAT songs. But, it's one of my favorites. I would list my top 50 if time allowed.

There are so many other songs that I wanted to include, but instead I'll just blast them at my desk and in my car for the next few days. Sometimes I catch myself in a Weezy binge that lasts weeks...which is fine.

So, if you're like me and you're super bummed that Wayne is having some health issues again, join me. YouTube these songs, stream them, or play them from your own collection. Let's not forget that Wayne introduced an entirely new side to hip-hop when he took the throne, at least in my eyes. He's stayed relevant for years and I'm hoping his health concerns don't halt that. We never want to see any musician suffer, but I especially don't want to live in a world without Weezy F. Baby.

UPDATE: I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT "STEADY MOBBIN'". I'M DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF. I don't even want to make it #11 because it deserves better than that. In fact, it's probably right up there with "Sky's the Limit". I'm sorry, Wayne.

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