Reader's Digest recently found the best amusement park in each state. The only problem is that Indiana's isn't actually an amusement park.

Indiana isn't one of those states that have several amusement parks to choose from. We all know about Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort and Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. That's really about it in terms of amusement parks. That being said, we do have several waterparks scattered all throughout the state. So, when I saw that Reader's Digest released an article about the best amusement park in each state, I was curious what they would say about Indiana.

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What is the Best Amusement Park in Indiana?

Reader's Digest says that the best amusement park in Indiana is none other than Holiday World and Splashin' Safari, located in the little town of Santa Claus. For those of us especially in southern Indiana, this will come as a no-brainer. It's by far Indiana's biggest amusement and water park.  I mean you have the free unlimited soft drinks, award-winning rides in both parks, free sunscreen, and the list of exciting things to see and do there goes on. Holiday World is no stranger to getting a national spotlight. The theme park has won several awards in the past for its rides.

Alex Pierce/WBKR
Alex Pierce/WBKR

Here's what Reader's Digest said about Holiday World and Splashin' Safari:

<p><a class="SWhtmlLink" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow" data-name="" data-module="content engagement" data-position="embedded links">Holiday World &amp; Splashin’ Safari</a> is located in Santa Claus, Indiana and, as you may have guessed, it’s holiday-themed. It features:</p><ul><li><strong>Mammoth</strong>, the world’s longest water coaster.</li><li><strong>Thunderbird</strong>, America’s first launched wing coaster that takes you from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.</li><li><strong>Voyage</strong>, known as the best wooden coaster in the nation.</li></ul><p>It’s open May through August (as well as a few spring weekends).</p>

That's another huge honor for Holiday World and Splashin' Safari...there's just one problem. Holiday World isn't an amusement park.

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari
Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Amusement Park vs Theme Park

For those who don't know, Holiday World prides itself as a theme park. You might be asking: "What's the difference between a theme park and an amusement park?"

To properly explain the difference, let's revert to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It defines an amusement park as the following:

a commercially operated park having various devices for entertainment (such as a merry-go-round and roller coaster) and usually booths for the sale of food and drink

On the flip side, it has "theme park" defined as:

an amusement park in which the structures and settings are based on a central theme

Since Holiday World's rides, games, and other attractions are all themed around various holidays, that certainly makes it a theme park. In fact, it is technically the oldest theme park in the country!

So, while Reader's Digest did give Holiday World some high praise, let's not forget that it is a theme park, not an amusement park.

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