Many of us frequent gyms. The gym I choose to use happens to be the YMCA. However, I've noticed in all gym situations that the etiquette seems to be lacking. So here are the ten must follow commandments of the YMCA (gym).

1) Thou shalt shower before working out.
I understand that all of us get a little sweaty and swampy after working out. It happens. However, it's another thing to come to the gym completely STANKIN'. Please don't come to the gym smelling like a dumpster fire. The rest of us have to be able to breathe while working out.

2) Thou shalt not stare.
Folks, it's imperative that we not stare at each other. Firstly, it's rude. Secondly, it's creepy. Thirdly, it's just wrong. Thou shalt NOT!

3) Thou shalt share the equipment.
Don't hog the equipment. All of us have a work out to do, and if you spend 15 minutes watching yourself lift weights for fun in the mirror there just might be a riot.

4) Thou shalt wipe off your butt sweat.
Nobody wants to sit in someone else's butt sweat, man. Just clean the machines after you use them. I'm not trying to catch gym E-coli.

5) Thou shalt not look in the mirror.
Looking in the mirror at yourself is okay, but don't creep on people via the mirror. It is grotesque to intensely watch someone work out, let alone watching someone through a reflection. When it comes to creepy, Buffalo Bill ain't got nothing on this stalker tactic.

6) Thou shalt not take public gym selfies.
I'm guilty of gym photos. I'll admit it. However, I take them in the locker room when no one else is around. That said, there is this other group of gym selfie people that take it to a whole new level. Don't come to the gym just to loiter and then take a picture of your butt in the gym mirrors. Spoiler alert: we already know you only pretend to work out.

7) Thou shalt not talk.
I don't mind when other people talk. However, when someone tries to talk to me I want to hide. Unless you came there with a workout buddy, don't talk to strangers working out. It's just weird.

8) Thou shalt not photograph others.
This seems pretty self-explanatory but many people have gotten into legal trouble for photographing naked people in gym locker rooms. Don't be creepy.

9) Thou shalt wash thine hands.
Nowadays we have these things called, 'superbugs' that can make people incredibly sick. Guess where they like to hang out? Public places, but especially gyms. So wash your nasty, touching every little thing, germ having hands.

10) Thou shalt not congregate.
Congregations are for church, not the gym. AMEN! Seriously though, don't get a group of buddies together to just goofball in the gym while y'all pretend you're there to lift. It's annoying.

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