Here at Townsquare Media we're thanking everyday heroes. Today we made a special delivery to Hermitage Care and Rehabilitation Center in Owensboro. They've risen to the challenge during this difficult year and deserve to be recognized.


Today, Thank You Thursday was launched with Townsquare Media. It's a chance to recognize local heroes that are helping our community through the coronavirus pandemic.

This afternoon, we put on our masks to pay a special social distancing visit to the staff at Hermitage Care and Rehabilitation Center. Families with elderly relatives in nursing homes and assisted living facilities weren't allowed to visit during the pandemic, which left residents feeling isolated. The team at Hermitage Care continues to go above and beyond to make sure that their elderly residents are happy and safe.

Like many assisted living and senior care facilities, Hermitage Care and Rehabilitation Center has been finding unique ways to entertain its residents during the pandemic.

Celebrating the Heroes at Hermitage Care and Rehabilitation Center

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Our Townsquare Media team from across the river, paid a visit to Boys & Girls Club of Evansville this afternoon. They were loaded up with gourmet cookies for the staff to enjoy.