The Tri-State showed up, once again this year to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Over the course of 26 hours (13 on Thursday and 13 on Friday), we shared with you a number of stories from the current and former patients of St. Jude, their families, as well as a few of the employees who are working tirelessly around the clock to develop and administer treatments to children of all ages who are fighting cancer. Some of those stories had happy endings, while in others, despite St. Jude's best efforts, cancer proved to be too strong and the child didn't make it. It's definitely a 26-hour emotional rollercoaster, but it's important to share both sides to show that while St. Jude has made incredible strides in treatments, there is still work to be done.

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I'll be honest, the St. Jude Radiothon is the most mentally exhausting, yet rewarding two days that I experience each year. Hearing some of these stories all day really takes a toll on you. Especially this year, as I am a new dad. I can't imagine what these families have gone through. That's why continuing the fight against childhood cancer along with St. Jude is so important to me. The hope is that one day, no child will ever lose their life as a result of cancer. I certainly want to do my part to make sure that becomes a reality for my children. Apparently, many of you here in the Tri-State feel the same way, which is why you became a Partner in Hope during our radiothon.

2024 St. Jude Radiothon Total

Simply put, you CRUSHED it this year with your commitment to helping St. Jude continue their mission of putting an end to childhood cancer. When all was said and done, you raised $116,420 for the patients and their families. That's absolutely incredible! We can't thank you enough for your contributions. Our job is to simply deliver the message of St. Jude over the two-day Radiothon, ultimately it's up to you to call in and become a Partner in Hope, which clearly you did! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! The patients, their families, the doctors, staff, and researchers at St. Jude couldn't do it without you!

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Even though this year's Radiothon may be over, that doesn't mean you still can't become a Partner in Hope. Help save lives anytime by making your commitment to ending childhood cancer with St. Jude through one of the options below.

3 Ways to Become a St. Jude Partner in Hope

Gallery Credit: Ryan O'Bryan

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