Breaking news tonight.  TGI Fridays is closing its Owensboro location permanently.

According to various social media posts, local employees received a letter from General Manager Chad Johnson this afternoon.  According to that letter, the Owensboro location will not be reopening.  The restaurant has been closed for weeks following the coronvirus shutdown.  As a matter of fact, we tried to order carryout from that location a couple of weeks ago, but the restaurant was closed then.

The letter continued to say, "The decision was made by the company because of losses endured by the COVID-19 pandemic."

Here's the full letter posted by TGI Fridays employee Jenny Jones.  Jenny has worked for Fridays for roughly ten years.

I know I will miss Fridays.  Kevin and I tore through sampler platters and Sesame Jack Chicken at least once a month.  Barb and her Friday night crew were regulars at Fridays too.  Our thoughts are with all the employees who got their notices this evening and the folks who loved the Owensboro location and the service they enjoyed there.

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