Etiquette dictates that tennis fans remain silent during live play, reserving their cheers for before and after the rallies.

However, a baby in attendance of the Sony Ericsson quarterfinal between David Ferrer and Mardy Fish was too young to get that message, and did the loud crying thing babies often do, unsettling Ferrer.

In fact, the Spaniard become so frustrated with the baby's bawling, he lobbed a shot toward where the toddler was situated in the stands.

Luckily for Ferrer, the ball didn't land very close to the baby; and, in fact, the baby stopped crying after Ferrer's gesture of protest.

Fish ended up winning the match in straight sets. Ultimately, Ferrer blamed his poor performance on indigestion, not the crying tot. Read on to see the crowd boo Ferrer's controversial move.

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