When you're out in the woods, often you're hyper-aware of the noises. And while you should get used to them, they add a gothic, mysterious layer to the outdoors experience. just so long as those noises aren't attached to anything dangerous.

But I'm not really sure how I would deal with something like what was caught on drone video from Tennessee not too long ago. We're guessing this was taken in eastern Tennessee.

The comments I've seen about this video run the gamut. Folks are saying it's Bigfoot. I saw another comment suggesting it's manufactured, that the way the tree moves toward the end looks like it's "walking."


See for yourself:

It also could be something as simple as folks at a worksite, although I'm not sure what they're doing; that doesn't look like what lumberjacks do.


Take a look at the comment section from the Facebook post that features this video and you'll see tons of skepticism, including a man who suggests that it's CGI, which I would consider impressive, even if it does mean this is all manufactured.

I still don't understand why people get irritated when something like this is posted, though. There are comments like that on the FB post as well. It's all in fun, especially if it's fake.

So IS it fake? Who knows? I certainly don't.

But I'll leave you on a positive note...if it ISN'T real, I tip my hat to the creativity behind it. If it IS real, well...I'd like to know where those woods ARE so I don't get stranded in them.

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