"The Shell on Challenge" is the new "Tide Pod Challenge".

Teenagers love attention, and in today's world, Snapchat is a great way to get it. Maybe you remember the "Tide Pod Challenge", but if not, just know it was bad. Now "innovative" teenagers have struck again. While it's good to see kiddos eating their fruits and veggies, they're doing so in the most dangerous way possible.

"The Shell on Challenge" is where kids eat unpeeled fruit and other foods with the packaging still on. Yes, you read that right. Kids are consuming what can be poisonous peels still on, as well as plastic and cardboard packaging on other foods.

For many reasons, this is both stupid and dangerous. Most fruit and veggie skins aren't recommended to consume, and neither is cardboard and plastic wrapping, obviously.

Now is the time to talk with your children about this and reiterate the dangers of this "challenge". For a full list of potentially toxic fruit and food skins, click here.

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