Taylor Swift and Michael Clifford are fulfilling a dream we never even knew we had: They're quickly becoming social media besties, flirtatious emojis and all.

It all started when the 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist tweeted his appreciation of 'Shake It Off,' admittedly just a tad bit late. But no worries, as Taylor soon picked up the slack and retweeted the message and replied to Michael:

While Taylor was pretty nonchalant in her response, Mikey had no problem with putting all of his feelings on the table, which he perfectly summed up with the kitty heart-eye emoji (undoubtedly a fave of Taylor's):

Taylor quickly upped the emoji game, congratulating Michael and the rest of 5SOS on their American Music Award for Best New Artist -- solely in emoticon-speak, of course:

Michael continued to shower T. Swift with compliments, even linking off to a YouTube vid that perfectly embodied his emotions:

Taylor then took their budding friendship to the next level, tweeting:

Which OF COURSE Mikey was down for, even tweeting a trophy emoji because clearly he and Taylor Swift just won social media:

Sorry Harry Styles and Abigail Breslin, we are all about 5SOSwift right now.

Swifties + 5SOS Fam, what do you think of Taylor and Michael's newfound flirtatious friendship?

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