Her latest video makes her plan apparent.

TaylorSwiftVEVO via YouTube

In Taylor Swifts latest video for "Look What You Made Me Do," she assembles a team of all of her former music video performances. You can see this assembly below:

While it is fun to see her past-selves show up for some fun times, do we really need this Taylor Swift Multi-Verse she seems to be assembling? This could create several problems for our current universe and we need to find out what her motives are for doing this.

I've read enough comic books and seen enough movies that there is only one outcome of this: Taylor Swift is trying to achieve complete power. However, there are several ways this could go down.

The first way that could be happening is a Highlander or Jet Li's The One situation, meaning that Taylor Swift is trying to destroy the other versions of herself in order to absorb their power. Imagine if this happens: Taylor Swift would be able to date and break up with any of Hollywood's elite with total immunity to TMZ since she'd not only become immortal, but also have the strength of x amount of Taylor Swifts. Katy Perry and Kim-Ye would stand no chance against her. Instead of throwing shade, she'd be able to throw the entire Boise National Forest. Not even Kanye's ego or Kim's ass can stop that.

Harry How, Getty Images


Another nightmare situation is that Taylor is trying to right past wrongs by changing history. In the video, we see Cobra Commander Taylor Hiss bullying "I'm Up in the Bleachers" T.Swift. Imagine if Taylor Hiss was able to convince "IMMA LET YOU FINISH" VMA 2009 Swift to not take any of Kanye's s*** at that event and beat him with the Moon Man. Would this lead to Taylor being incarcerated for the past 8 years or would it mean that Kanye never fully-recovers, never meets Kim, which leads to them never having kids which then leads to me having nothing to talk about on-air for the rest of time? Or maybe we all end up in Flashpoint where Taylor Swift becomes The Joker (what up, deep cut DC comics reference).

The worst scenario is that Taylor Swift has actually conquered death. The most famous talky part of the new song is the "Taylor Swift can't come to the phone because she's dead" or whatever edgy BS she's trying to pull off. If Swift is dead, why is she leaping out of her own grave? Have the White Walkers gotten to her too? They already have a dragon, now they have a Taylor Swift? No army could withstand that. If the Dothraki hear her break into "Shake It Off," they'd immediately have to start shaking it off because that song is so damn catchy.


"Haters gonna hate hate hate..."

The only thing that we can do is convince "Love Story" era Taylor Swift that this is not the path to go. If we can convince her to stop creating different personas, we might stand a chance. She is the most wholesome of the Swift Army and might be able to convince Hot-Topic-mad-at-her-parents-Reputation Taylor that we can live in harmony. Our only hope is in you. Don't let us down, and baby, just say yes.