What do international besties Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and supermodel Cara Delevingne (who all have some link to One Direction's Harry Styles, by the way), do to pass the time? Oh, just get together to sing at a U.S. Ambassador's house.

Now that's what we call fostering diplomatic relations between world superpowers and three of its super talents. We're not sure exactly when this was filmed, but who cares because it's awesome. We think it may have been in Germany, since Swift has a gig in Berlin tomorrow (Feb. 7) and returns for another London gig on Feb. 10.

T. Swizzle posted a video to her Instagram account.

There's the ginger kid, a Brit with his trusty guitar, and America's Sweetheart, along with British supermodel Cara, who has some of the best eyebrows in the world and is primed to be the next Kate Moss, singing 'Heartbeats' by the Knife.

She captioned the clip: "Me, Ed, Cara. Singing songs in the US ambassador's house. What is life."

Let us answer that last part, Tay! You have the good life. Enjoy it as much as we enjoyed this impromptu, by-the-staircase jam sesh.