Attention Team Jacob!

You're favorite werewolf heartthrob, Taylor Lautner is out to prove that he's more than just a brooding hunk that howls at moon.

Lautner stars in the new film Abduction which will hit theaters on September 23. Also starring Maria Bello (Coyote Ugly, Thank You for Smoking), Sigourney Weaver (the Alien franchise, Avatar), and Alfred Molina (Spiderman 2, The Da Vinci Code), the action-packed Abduction tells the story of Lautner's character Nathan and his realization that he was at one time a missing child.

By the looks of the trailer below, it seems there is some mystery surrounding Lautner's character upbringing and who he really is. Apparently somewhere along the way he's been trained or at least "wired" to be really good at martial arts. After about a minute into the trailer you start to think, "Where have I seen this movie before? Oh that's right, it was called The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon."

Check it out for yourself and share you're comments in the space below.

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