In a job market where some employers are just considering minimum wage increases to attract potential employees, TARGET has come up with a different strategy! According to their press release, Target will begin offering expanded child care benefits and paid family leave.

With this approach, TARGET not only wants to 'target' potential employees, but also increase employee retention. Business owners agree that it costs more to train a new employee, so it's better to keep the ones you already have. This move comes on top of TARGET's current wage floor increase to $13, which is also set to increase to $15 per hour by 2020.

Target also plans to offer workers 20 days of backup child care or elder care, an in-network day care center program similar to the one implemented by BEST BUY, and increase paid maternity leave for new moms by almost TWO MONTHS!

I remember when I got my first job working at McDonald's that paid 3.15/hour with NO Benefits. Now my second oldest son just got his first job at Walmart that pays over $11/hr with FULL Benefits. My how times have changed.

Where was YOUR first job and how much did it pay? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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